With experience as a communications director, newspaper reporter and editor, I’m highly skilled at interpreting information for key audiences, including internal and external stakeholders. My expertise includes identifying and assessing subject matter for news media interest, as well as finding appropriate niches for topics of less-broad interest. I’m skilled and experienced at writing a broad array of communications materials, including press releases, media advisories, web and social media text. I’ve also written video scripts and content for public exhibits showcasing marine research at a public aquarium visited by 300,000 to 400,000 guests per year. In my role as a journalist and a public-relations professional, I have interviewed scores of sources and helped make their work relevant and understandable to a variety of audiences. I have been the key spokesperson in hundreds of interviews with local, national and international journalists from print, television (news and documentary), radio and Web outlets and have also identified and trained appropriate staff to represent their organization to the media. I am skilled, experienced and effective at handling on-the-spot and crisis communications.

Writing/Editing Samples

Samples of magazines, press releases and annual reports that I’ve written can be found at issuu.com/vettedcommunications.


Telling a story through video is certainly an effective way to communicate messages — after all, a trillion YouTube users can’t be wrong. Sometimes you want to tell your story in a straight-up news style and sometimes there’s some room for a little humor. The Mote Marine Laboratory/Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge video below is an example of the former & the Giving Challenge video an example of the latter.

 Mote Marine Laboratory/Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge
Giving Partner Annual Fundraising Challenge