Strategic Communications Planning

Your business or organization has goals, right? Whether you’re a nonprofit organization providing services to the community or a business seeking clients and sales, you know where you need to end up. And you probably know that communications tools — press releases, fundraising letters, a website, a brochure and so on — are essential to helping you reach your destination. But what’s the best mix? Which will serve your purposes the best? How will you make sure that every tool you employ provides your audience with the right message, at the right time and in the right way? And how do you make sure that your message remains consistent across mediums and platforms?

A Strategic Communications Plan is essential to helping you reach your goals. Developing a customized plan is the difference between driving around aimlessly or having a road map that gets you exactly where you need to be — on time and on budget.

When I work with clients, my goal is to listen so I can help you evaluate your situation, your issues, your goals. That way, I can understand where you are, where you want to go and help you develop a plan that will drive you there — not a year from now, but yesterday.

You Need It? I Can Write It

So now you’ve got a plan. What’s next? Why, telling your story to the world, of course! With 20 years of journalism, writing, editing and public relations under my belt, I’m a skilled navigator who can quickly help you find the right sign posts that will resonate with your audience. I work with you to craft your story in a way that turns heads everywhere you want to be.

Feature articles, press releases, ghost writing for opinion pieces, brochures, fact sheets, video scripts, web pages, enewsletters, fundraising letters, exhibit content… if you can name it, I’ve probably written it before. I began my career as a journalist — writing well, writing accurately and writing under deadline pressure. As the director of communications at a major marine science research laboratory, I made complex topics easy to understand and interesting to a wide variety of audiences. In my role promoting a major visitor attraction, I had fun finding ways to entice guests to come for a visit.

Communications Training

I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews and been interviewed hundreds of times in the course of my career. Let me help you learn a few tricks that will help you put your organization in the best light — even in the most contentious circumstances.